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Free Money Five’s Week 13 Plus College Football Week Whatever

This year has been the most difficult year of college football and NFL in history of betting. No real home field advantage has given this year for me a tough time in evaluating lines because especially in college football where young kids are put in situations where they had to go on road in hostile environments. So I could go on and on about this. In reality, I need to do better. I am below .500 in both the NFL and college football. The NFL however, I found my groove. So if you want more insight watch the video below and on to my free money fives.


College Football:

Wisconsin -14 vs Indiana

Poor Indiana. Best season in recent history and no fans. Then they lose their starting QB. Just brutal.

Washington -11 vs Stanford

The Jimmy Lake era is off to a awesome start for my huskies. I feel like being a homer right now so there you go.

Georgia -35.5 vs Vanderbilt

I hate Vanderbilt. This team is the worst team in power 5 football. Georgia could win by 80 if they wanted to.

Baylor +22 @ Oklahoma

Oklahoma is having a down season. Whatever.

VT +22 vs Clemson

Clemson is going to win this game. But every year there is one game that makes someone sweat. This is the sweat game for Clemson.

Last week: 1-4

Season Record: 23-27


Falcons +3 @ Saints

Taysom Hill the second time around will not be good. I promise.

Texans +3.5 @ Colts

Deshaun has been cooking. Colts are frauds.I think the Texans who have won 2 out of their last 3 and are playing much better.

Titans -5.5 vs Browns

The Browns have only beat one team that is above .500 this year. That’s the Colts who I just called frauds one sentence ago.

Eagles +9.5 @ Packers

This is the season for the Eagles. And all word out of Philly has me liking Carson Wentz this week. Here’s the thing, I love betting on teams that looked bad on national TV the week before.

Patriots PK @ Chargers

Bill Belichick eats rookie QBs for breakfast.

Last week 3-1-1

Season Record: 29-29-2


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