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Week 12 Free Money Fives No WiFi Edition

NFL Week 12 Betting

We live in a day and age where internet is not a luxury it is a necessity. Without proper internet the world does not run smooth. And as one of the co-founders of this website, you can probably imagine that internet is important to me. Let’s rewind to the last few days. If you follow our podcasts or read this site you know that I have been traveling and working remotely. So for Wednesday-Friday momring Thanksgiving week, I went to Cartagena, Colombia to enjoy, and work. Well, the AirBNB was quite nice however, the internet was a disaster. There was no WiFi, my LTE from T-Mobile was slow, and I was basically disconnected from the world for two days. I did not like being disconnected. So that also reduced my ability to make picks correctly. But here’s my attempt at a whacky and wild Week 12 NFL slate and a weird college football slate as well. PS: Cartagena is awesome. Oh and I know Ravens vs Steelers was moved off Thanksgiving but at least we have Thursday Night Football.

College Football

South Carolina (+21.5) vs Georgia

I feel like a fresh coach can do wonders for covering spreads. South Carolina just fired Will Muschamp and a new face can cover versus Georgia.

Florida (-25.5) vs. Kentucky

Florida started slow versus Vanderbilt before catching their groove at the end of the game. I think Dan Mullen will look to pad Kyle Trask’s stats as he makes a Heisman trophy run.

Clemson (-23.5) vs Pittsburgh

I liked Pittsburgh at the opeing +26 line but moving off that number has got me backing up a pissed off Clemson team.

Washington (-7) vs. Utah

I am homer. So I feel like it’s the right pick. Go Dawgs

Maryland (+12) @ Indiana

I like Tua’s brother. And Indiana just played their biggest game in decades last week.

Last week: 3-2

Season: 22-23


Patriots (+1) vs Cardinals

I have a feeling the Patriots aren’t quite dead.. yet.

Giants (-6) @ Bengals

I just can’t envision a scenario that this Bengals team gets up for this game after losing Joey Burrow.

Broncos (+6) vs Saints – CANCELLED BET DUE TO NO QBS (count as tie)

Let’s see how Taysom Hill fares in high altitutde and not an indoor stadium. UPSET ALERT.

Buccaneers (+3.5) vs Chiefs

After looking horrible on Primetime I fully expect a huge bounceback from Brady and the Buccaneers.

Titans (+3) @ Colts

I still don’t believe in Phil Rivers.. sue me.

Last Week: 2-3

Season: 21-23-1

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