Return To Glory Rankings Is Dominated By COVID

Tennessee Nebraska Football

COVID-19 sucks man. For the last weeks I’ve been ranking 6 college football programs that at some point should return to glory. Instead these teams have been average at best. 2 of these 6 teams however, had games cancelled due to COVID-19 this week. And it’s a friendly reminder that until things are back to normal, we will deal with this in society and in collegiate sports.

6. Nebraska- Loss to Illinois

Is this rock bottom? It could be pretty close. But the Scott Frost era has not gone according to plan for Nebraska. 

5. Tennessee – Loss to Auburn

Not that I expected Tennessee to defeat Auburn. But man, it feels like the Vols are are just as far as Nebraska from returning to conference champions. 5 straight double digit losses for Tennesee and that’s the first time since 1891. Yikes.

4. Michigan- Beat to Rutgers in 3OT

If Michigan didn’t beat Rutgers tonight, I fully expected Mutinty on Twitter from Michigan fans. But alas, it took three overtimes but Michigan won.

3. Texas- COVID Postponed

COVID Sucks man.

2. USC- Defeated Utah

This game feels like a game USC would usually lose in the past few years under Chase Helton. Instead, a dominating perforamnce at Utah cemented USC as the second best team in the PAC-12 behind Oregon and the team to beat in the PAC-12 South.

1. Miami- COVID Posponed

Once again.. COVID sucks man.

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