Week 11 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

Week 11 NFL Quarterback Rankings

I still remember the first time I laid my eyes on Jameis Winston. I was living in Miami at the time. And as most people know, Miami is fun. It was Labor Day Weekend and I was at an incredible pool party. But, I heard there was a kid who was starting at Florida State for the first time. So I literally left one of the greatest parties of my life, because I am a football junkie. I wasn’t disappointed. Jameis threw for 5 touchdowns and looked perfect. Florida State went on to win the National Championship, Jameis the Heisman, and most importantly.. he earned a fan. Myself.

Fast Forward to today. Jameis is a backup quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. But after a Drew Brees injury, Jameis will get his chance. 3-4 games. Here’s the thing. This is make or break for Jameis, if Jameis can’t peform up to the standard of Sean Payton and the Saints in a quarterback friendly system.. he will be a career backup. If he thrives he will earn himself a big payday and a full time job either in New Orleans (to be the successor of Brees) or elsewhere. Jameis it is up to you.

I wasn’t quite sure where to place Jameis on my quarterback rankings. But I believe his talent is good enough to earn him a spot in the Anchorage, Alasak’s of quarterbacks.

The Gary Indiana’s

  1. Nick Mullens- San Francisco 49ers


So it seems like Kyle Shannahan might not be able to win with ANY QB. It seems funny now that twitter fanatics really thought Mullens was better than Jimmy G.


  1. Alex Smith- Washington Football Team 


Really cool story he’s a starter again. But sorry to Alex Smith, heartwarming stories have nothing to do with power rankings.


  1. Joe Flacco- New York Jets


Joe Flacco has been in my life for what seems like an eternity. I will miss him when he’s gone (not really). But was thinking, is Joe Flacco the most random QB to win a Super Bowl in the last 10 years?


  1. Andy Dalton or whatever shit the Cowboys decide to do- Dallas Cowboys


Cooper Rush kind of looked good the other day. I enjoyed him. I also believe the the Cowboys might be the first team in modern NFL history to start two red-heads in the same season. 


  1. Jake Luton- Jacksonville Jaguars


Maybe Doug Marrone is a pretty good coach. He took Blake Bortles to an AFC championship game. Turned Gardner Minshew into a national legend, and now has Jake Luton playing some good football.


  1. Nick Foles- Chicago Bears

Nick Foles is a terrible quarterback now. Plain and simple.

The Anchorage, Alaska’s 

  1. Kirk Cousins- Minnesota Vikings


Congratulations to winning a Monday Night Football game Kirk.


  1. Phil Rivers- Indianapolis Colts


I do not care what Phil Rivers QB rating was last game. He literally can not throw the ball down the field. 


  1. Drew Lock- Denver Broncos


I am trying to hold on to my defense of Drew Lock. But I just cannot. He has regressed, and frankly I can not name what he is good at other than “swag”.


  1. Jameis Winston- New Orleans Saints


Today’s intro was about Jameis. But really these next few weeks are make or break for his career as a starter and I could not be more excited to watch. It’s time to.. LET JAMEIS COOK.

  1. Teddy Bridgewater- Carolina Panthers


Teddy two gloves had a scare but thankfully his knee is fine and he’ll be playing going forward. However Teddy is nothing more than a stop gap at QB for the Carolina Panthers. 


  1. Baker Mayfield – Cleveland Browns


I don’t even know what to say. Sometimes Baker Mayfield looks good, sometimes bad. But in reality do we really think he’ll be anything other than average in his career?


  1. Cam Newton- New England Patriots


Cam has played like a QB playing for his career the last two weeks. And he’s lived up to the bill. The Patriots have won two in a row and Cam Newton is looking good doing it,

Omaha, Nebraska’s

  1. Carson Wentz- Philadelphia Eagles


I can’t find a way to defende Carson Wentz this week. How has someone gotten so frustrating to watch lately I don’t know. He’ll tantalize me next week. And jump up in the rankings again. Whatever. 


18 . Matt Stafford- Detroit Lions


In an alternate universe. Matt Stafford begins his career on a good franchise and is a Super Bowl winner. But we don’t get to live in alternate universes. 


  1. Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons


If only they could not blow leads, Matt Ryan would be higher on this QB ranking.


  1. Daniel Jones- New York Giants 


Danny Dimes has looked fantastic the last few weeks. He even ran into the end zone without tripping this week. It was a beautiful sight to see. Joe Judge seems like the right head coach and the Giants appear to have a quarterback. 

  1. Ryan Tannehill- Tennessee Titans 


Ryan Tannehill and the Titans are on the verge of slipping out of the playoff picture.


  1. Jared Goff- Los Angeles Rams

I change my mind on Jared Goff every week. Sometimes, I feel like he can be a top 10 QB and other times I feel like he’s average. He belongs at 14.. For now.


Miami with a pool

  1. Justin Herbert- Los Angeles Chargers


I had to put him behind Tua after Tua beat him head to head and looked better in the game.


  1. Tua Tagalivoa- Miami Dolphins


Tua is in a perfect situation. And the Dolphins are in a perfect situation. They wanted to tank for Tua last year. Instead they played well, Tua got hurt, and Tua fell to Miami. He seems to have a great head on his shoulder and in a city with distractions this is perfect. 


  1. Joe Burrow- Cincinnati Bengals


Burrow struggled against the Steelers. The Steelers are a top 3 defense in the NFL. Understandable. 


  1. Deshaun Watson- Houston Texans


I can’t really justify having Watson up high. But really this year has a huge drop off in elite QB play.


  1. Derek Carr- Las Vegas Raiders


Derek Carr has been fantastic. On pace for just under 4000 yards with 28 TDs and 4 Picks for the season. The Raiders are in playoff position and could be because of Carr.

  1. Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens


Lamar Jackson has a chance to be the next Colin Kaepernick. Takes the league by storm then fades after defenses adjust. Both had Greg Norman and a 


  1. Josh Allen Buffalo Bills


I know the Bills lost but Allen played fantastic. But he wasn’t the one playing defense. 


  1. Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers


Big Ben and the Steelers are rolling and Big Ben is prone to mistakes but he’s good.


  1. Tom Brady- Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Despite what people believe, Tom Brady is not a human being. You should not be able to play NFL football at this level at 43. 

New York City Penthouse

  1. Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers


Aaron Rodgers is in the MVP race and for some reason I still don’t believe this Packers team is any good.


  1. Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks


The Russell Wilson I am watching right now I do not know. How, why or what happened to Russell Wilson of September and most of October I do not know. But I would like my old Russ back. Thanks.


  1. Kyler Murray- Arizona Cardinals


The hail mary to DeAndrew Hopkins will be replayed for years to come. Thursday versus Seattle and Russ could be for the division and for the MVP trophy.

  1. Pat Mahomes- Kansas City Chiefs

Somehow, Pat Mahomes has become underrated. How is that even possible?

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