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Jounral Entry Pain: Seahawks vs Rams Live Diary

Seahawks Rams Recap

Decided that today’s game felt too important to the Seattle Seahawks, and I wanted to get a bit creative on how I showcased my feelings as this game progressed. So as I am writing and working from Medellin, Colombia I thought I would do a mini live diary of the Seahawks crucial match versus the Los Angeles Rams.

1:00 PST

All my Seattle friends. I hope you all are gathering for what appears to be the last time for a while. 25 minutes before kickoff and it appears our whole city will be shutting down in a few days. I however, (not saying this is a good idea), am in Medellin, Colombia working remotely. I am waiting for the Seahawks game to begin. 20 minutes before kickoff, and thunder storms are rolling through Medellin. Omen? I say it’s a good sign. We are about to rain on the damn Rams parade. 

1:12 PM PST

Final predictions are in, I’ve been a bit nervous about this game. But I feel like the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson show up to these big games.

1:25PM PST

Game is starting and just realized with a loss and a Arizona win we could move from 1st to third in a blink of an eye.

1:32 PM PST

Note: The Seahawks defense still stinks

1:34 PM PST

My reverse jinx worked.

1:37 PM PST:

Jamal Adams just went back into the locker room. Shit.

1:42 PM PST:

Impressive Drive. I was bitching at fans all over Twitter and Instagram last week that we need to have a more balance attack. Instead I got attacked saying we can’t run the ball without Chris Carson. First Drive.. Alex Collins touchdown.

1:49 PM PST

Reminder I hate this damn defense.

1:51 PM PST

I am already consdering alchohol and hookah with this game. I feel like I need to order junk food as well. This will be a long afternoon.

1:59 PM PST

My brother and co-host of our podcast just opened his birthday present from me on Facetime. Why? Because it’s an old school Seahawks pull over and I feel like it’s going to be a good luck charm.

2:13 PST

3rd and long for the Rams. I think everyone watching the game knew a screen pass was coming. Except the Seahawks defense. Big first down for the Rams

2:19 PM PST

Rams. Touchdown. 17-7. Need a score here in the baddest of ways.

2:26 PM PST

We got the score. 17-10 Rams

2:31 PST:

Jamal Adams is damn good. Big turnover

2:33 PST:

Yeah just let Russ cook all day everyday. Oops.

2:51 PST

61 Yard FGs? Ill take it. 17-13 Rams

3:13 PM PST

This game just does not feel good at the moment.


3:29 PM PST

Touchdown Rams. Yikes. We need some Russell Wilson magic time.

3:36 PM

Three plays, two sacks, and three hits on Russell Wilson. Maybe worst drive of the year.

3:47 PM

Second drink poured. Hookah lit. Stressed. 4th quarter here we come.

3:52 PM


4:08 PST

Who is this quarterback? Where did Russell Wilson go?

4:10 PM PST

Unless a big comeback occurs. This is over. Thanks for listening. Drink number 3 of 1000000 until Thursday night served. Neat. No mixers.

4:28 PM PST

Kyler Murray to DeAndre Hopkins hail mary and we are now third in the NFC West. See the Cardinals Thursday

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