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Week 10 Free Money Five’s: NFL And College Football Gambling Picks

week 10 nfl betting trends

COVID, has taken over our sports world. Can’t say it is necessarily fun. If you are familiar with my Free Money Five’s I take 5 college football games, and 5 NFL games against the spread on Thursday. With the amount of cancellations in college football this week, I wasn’t ready to offer 5 picks on Thursday’s That Being Said Podcast.  But you can all take a deep breath. I have 5 picks ready for today so you can all join me on my journey of making enough money to retire on a yacht, in the middle of the bahama’s. I think we are all pretty certain this is the reason we all are betting. In the mean time all lines are provided by and you can use the promo code “TheSportsOnTap” to get a 100% bonus on your first depost. 

College Football 

Miami (+1 ) @ Virginia Tech

D’Eriq King has been one of my favorite players to watch in college football this season. And Miami is beginning to creep back into being a national title contender, in this odd season. This game means a lot more to Miami then it does to VTech. The ACC has Notre Dame, Clemson and Miami all with 1 loss.

Indiana (-8) @ Michigan State

Who would have thought we would be talking Hoosiers football in November? Well we are. Indiana and Michigan State sounds like a college basketball matchup but it’s all about football right now. Indiana is in the top 10 for the first time I can remember since watching college football and Michigan State is just not that good.

Arizona (+14.5) vs USC

How good is USC really? They frankly should have lost to ASU. And how much do I know about Arizona? Well not much. But I am ready to take the extra half point to move me off the number of 14.

Michigan +4.5 vs. Wisconsin

Do you feel like I lose on Michigan every week? Well I do. However, I think with the amount of national attention Jim Harbaugh has recieved as of late, I think a signature win against a team is much needed. Enter Wisconsin, Wisconsin hasn’t played in weeks due to COVID. It’s time for a big Michigan win in the Big House.

Purdue (+3) vs. NorthWestern

Why? Well, why not. As I had been explaining earlier. This week has had so many cancelltions and lines have been tough. Give me a undefeated Purdue team at home, getting points versus an undefeated Northwestern team.

Last Week: 2-3 

College Football Record: 16-19


Texans (+3.5) @ Browns

I like betting better Quarterbacks. And as bad as the Texans have been this year, they have Deshaun Watson. And Deshaun Watson is getting 3 points on the road. Line smells fishy. I am taking the Texans to win the game outright.

Jaguars (+13.5) @ Packers

I am going to take the Jaguars and not even look at it. If you are going to bet this game I would advise you not to watch it. I am envisioning a backdoor cover for the Jags.

Eagles (-3) @ Giants

Carson Wentz is a drug I can not quit. I should probably quit Carson Wentz. I just can’t do it. Take the Eagles.

Cardinals (-2.5) vs Bills

One of my favorite things to do is bet on a team that looked extra good the week before against a team that has a loss. The Bills have never looked better. The Cardinals had a heartbreaking loss. Give me the Cardinals.

49ers (+10) @ Saints

That Saints team we all watched Sunday night looked really good. But, public perception is real. When a team looks great on National TV, you will get an extra point or two. we are getting an extra couple free points here. Take the 49ers, don’t look at the TV or score because this feels like  backdoor cover type of game.

Last Week: 4-1

NFL Record: 21-24

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