Every Teams Quarterback URGENCY Level in 2020 & Beyond

Teams That Need A Quarterback In 2020

Each and every team in the NFL is always in search of their franchise QBs. If you have one, it’s pretty amazing, if you don’t have your quarterback, it’s killer. Sami Jarjour (Twitter / Instagram) will break down weekly from Urgency Level 0 to Urgency Level 10 where every team stands on how badly they need a QB. The list changes only slightly based off a week’s performance.

Urgency Level 0 Common Theme: MVPs.

Seattle Seahawks (0/10) & Kansas City Chiefs (0/10)

Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes might be the two best QBs in the NFL, and even if you think one of them is 3rd or 4th they are young enough that the team doesn’t need anything for the future at all. There is 0 doubt for the Seahawks and Chiefs when it comes to their young, Super Bowl winning quarterbacks.

Urgency Level 1: Young And Proven.

Baltimore Ravens (1/10)

It kind of feels wrong not having Lamar Jackson at the urgency 0 level, but he is struggling in big games. He is yet to win a big ‘primetime’ game, aka any game that has the biggest meaning. The MVP QB has lost both his playoff starts and becomes very loose and inaccurate in games where they need to rely on his arm.

Arizona Cardinals (1/10)

The Cardinals are good with Kyler Murray. They are a great football team, and shockingly fighting for first place in the NFC West with the Seahawks, giving Seattle their only loss of the season. One more impressive half season of football might land Kyler at the 0 urgency level category, this list can change week to week, but we want to see him in some big games before we decided too soon.

Urgency Level 2: We Aren’t Looking Anywhere Else.

Cincinatti Bengals (2/10)

It’s only the first season for Joe Burrow but the Bengals look great and are competitive for being the team who had the 1st pick in the draft. Burrow is fighting for the Rookie of the Year award with the next guy on the list, but both are rookies and still have a lot to prove. These teams have no reason to even consider moving on from their QBs or even get a safety-net QB on the lineup.

Los Angeles Charger (2/10)

Well, Justin Herbert is in the same boat as Joe Burrow, the team is competitive and actually the Chargers could have a good record if they didn’t blow three 17-point leads. The Chargers, similar to Bengals, are only 8-10 games away from being at the Kyler Murray level 1 category.

Houston Texans (2/10)

This is a tricky one, DeShaun Watson is an MVP level QB, but this team and organization are killing him at the time being. Part of me has to question is he part of the problem? Probably not, but the Texans fall at level 2 because for all we know, maybe Watson wants out one day due to what the team has done to his support system.

Urgency Level 3: Like My Guy, Don’t LOVE Him.

Buffalo Bills (3/10)

The Bills are just fine with Josh Allen and they sure aren’t looking for any other options at the QB position, but they need better consistency from Allen. He has 2-3 more years to prove his full-time value in the NFL to make sure he is a Bills-lifer.

Tennessee Titans (3/10)

Ryan Tannehill is an odd situation if I’ve ever seen one. He was a ‘failed’ project in Miami, but so are other QBs on this list when coached by Adam Gase… They just signed an extension with Tannehill, so the Titans aren’t looking, but they sure would consider another QB if something GREAT landed on the table. Tannehill is slightly above average, so they won’t move off, and they will probably finish off the next couple season with him under center.

Urgency Level 4: Confused.

Miami Dolphins (4/10)

No one knows what Tua Tagovailoa is, not even the Dolphins. They are a highly competitive team, that has a chance at the division title, but they have no idea if Tua is good after 1 lackluster win against the Rams. Tua and the Dolphins could go between 2-8 on the urgency list week to week, but somewhere around the middle seems right at this time.

Urgency Level 5: Good Enough for Now.

Las Vegas Raiders (5/10)

Ah, the once Oakland, now Las Vegas Raiders are right in the middle with Derek Carr. The team is 4-3 and a perfectly good-yet-average type of team. Carr is good, and helps them win games, but he seems to not elevate them to their highest potential. They did sign Marcus Mariota in the offseason, showing they they do have SOME doubts, if not a lot, with their current man under center.

Los Angeles Rams (5/10)

The Rams went to a Super Bowl with Jared Goff, and they won’t move off of him for any reason, including his contract. Is he the best option for them? No. Is he just about the best he they will have in the near future? Yes. That’s why they fit right here at 5.

Philadelphia Eagles (5/10)

This is a similar situation to Goff, but Carson Wentz is far more confusing. He can be the best QB in the NFL for a couple games, but also be the worst starter in the NFL for a couple quarters. The Eagles wouldn’t move off of him right now, at all, there is no reason to. Yet, they did draft Jalen Hurts so maybe they knew he could be shaky after injuries, but also maybe knew he could get hurt once again (knock on wood, I hope not).

Urgency Level 6: We’d like better if we found it.

Cleveland Browns (6/10)

I literally have no idea what to even think about Baker Mayfield at this point. The Browns have one hell of a roster, so it’s tough to see them lose every big game that they have, but they also are good at stomping on some bad teams. I would think the Browns are just as confused as we are with the Baker Mayfield cycle of play. They won’t move off right now, but if there was a better QB out there, they probably would consider.

Dallas Cowboys (6/10)

Dak Prescott isn’t signed, the defense is awful, and Dak is coming off a horrible broken ankle. America’s team is currently in shambles and I have no idea what they want to do, or what they will do with Dak in the next year or two. This could be one of the more complicated situations in the NFL. Truly I would not be shocked to either see Dak on the Cowboys or another QB within the next season or two. I do know, Jerry Jones does NOT want to rebuild.

Detroit Lions (6/10)

Urgency level 6 is suppose to be a complicated one, Matt Stafford is complicated, and so are the Detroit Lions. They win games, but they don’t win playoff games, Stafford might be an all-time great in a different situation, but in Detroit he seems like a stat-stuffer of some sort, even if it’s not his fault. He is another QB where I wouldn’t be shocked to see on another team next year while the Lions rebuild so they fall slightly above the mid-line of urgency.

Carolina Panthers (6/10)

Oh man, level 6 is complicated… What have we learned about Teddy Bridgewater in 2020? He is perfectly average. I think thats all we know. He might be there for a while, but will they win a Super Bowl with him? I don’t think so. I believe the Panthers need a different longterm answer if they want to get some rings.

San Francisco 49ers (6/10)

Jimmy Garoppolo is not the answer for the 49ers, and he is not the problem. They made the Super Bowl with him when they had a good roster… LAST YEAR. The 49ers clearly don’t trust Jimmy G as if he is there QB for the next 5-7 years, but they will make sure it works until there is something better.

Minnesota Vikings (6/10)

Oh good old captain Kirk Cousins. I don’t want to act like this is at 6 because Kirk is bad, he is absolutely just average. The Vikings are okay with him, but this is not what they were hoping for when they gave him a fully guaranteed deal. Unfortunately, Kirk Cousins is signed and this is what they have. Fortunately, it’s 2 more years, and we know it’s going to be time to find someone new. Vikings are ran well, so they might be ready to find someone late in the drat to groom for a couple years. He will be 35 at the end of his contract.

Urgency Level 7: Old Guys Who Can Still Win

Atlanta Falcons (7/10)

Matt Ryan is the only non-Super Bowl winning quarterback on the level 7, but he fits in with the group of guys who are old, can still be a winner, probably could still win a Super Bowl, but the team needs to look for future. Matt Ryan is one guy that NO ONE would be shocked to see moved within the next 2-3 years but he will still have a job in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers (7/10)

Yes, of course the Packers still have a lot of time with Aaron Rodgers, they could be Super Bowl contenders for the next couple years, but we did see them take a flyer on Jordan Love in the draft because Rodgers is turning 37 sooner than later. We can’t expect every good QB to be like Tom and go until they’re 43, it’s time to plan for the future… If they want to add to the Brett Farve, Aaron Rodgers, successor list.

Pittsburgh Steelers (7/10)

Ben Roethlisberger has helped bring the Steelers to 7-0 on the season, and this was a surprising comeback from a missed season with elbow surgery. The Steelers are going for a Super Bowl, but Big Ben sounded very questionable about playing must past the next year or two. We saw how bad the Steelers could be without competent QB play, so it doesn’t hurt to plan for the future.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7/10)

I mean, Tom Brady is 43. That’s all you need to know. Start planning for the future after this year.

Urgency Level 8: Cluster F*ck

Denver Broncos (8/10)

This one might be really wrong in a couple of weeks, and I’ll admit, maybe Drew Lock should be up at the 7 or 6 section after last weeks comeback… But without the miraculous comeback, we would be talking about the issues in Denver and their QB position. So I don’t know. I don’t think Drew Lock is the future, but there are many people who might think differently.

Indianapolis Colts (8/10)

Phillip Rivers has already been a roller coaster this season with the Colts. Some games looking like his past self, and some where he looked washed. Rivers is 38, and only signed a 1 year $25 million deal with the Colts. There is a good chance they are looking for someone new next year, and FOR SURE looking for someone the year after. It’s important to capitalize now the great roster that they have.

New England Patriots (8/10)

Cam Newton ain’t it. It’s time to find Brady’s replacement in New England. Must I say anything else?

New Orleans Saints (8/10)

41 years old, next year is final year on deal, and already signed a deal with NBC for post-career…. Drew Brees doesn’t have much time left. Taysom Hill truly can’t be the answer…. Maybe Jameis Winston?! All jokes aside, Brees’ arm strength is gone, and he looks old many different times throughout the season.

New York Giants (8/10)

Daniel Jones makes a lot of mistakes and loses the football a lot, but for some reason I can’t put him in with the 9 or 10 group. The Giants are weirdly in games a lot, and Jones shows flashes… The only issue is that he also shows flashes of being awful. If they lose to Washington this weekend, he might need to fall to urgency 9.

Urgency Level 9: You Ain’t Good

New York Jets (9/10)

Now is Sam Darnold really the issues in NY? Or are the Jets the issue themselves? On pace for 0-16 and another missed Sam Darnold game, they are in a really bad spot. Only reason I didn’t drop them down to 10, is at least Sam Darnold seems ok sometimes…. I think he will get another chance in a different city, after the Jets draft Lawrence.

Chicago Bears (9/10)

I am sorry, but Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky both suck man. The fact that the Bears are 5-3 shows how urgent this is. If you can get a QB this is a Super Bowl contender, they need answers ASAP.

Urgency Level 10: DANGER ZONE

Jacksonville Jaguars (10/10)

Man, we all love watching Gardner Minshew but we all know it’s over. Drafting a QB is coming. That’s all.

Washington Football (10/10)

I have the upmost respect to Ron Rivera, he is coaching during COVID while battling cancer, and has pushed this team to fight hard at all times. But the whole benching Dwayne Haskins and starting Kyle Allen thing made no sense. At the end of the day, he didn’t pick the QB. This is a new system in Washington, so Ron is going after a QB in the draft, this is the danger zone.

Written by Sami Jarjour

The Co-Founder of Sports ON Tap & Host of "Stuff That Matters w/ Sami Jarjour" Podcast & Co-Host of "Pod That: Two Brothers Talkin' Sports"

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