College Football: Who Will Return To Glory Rankings

Earlier today (while USC was losing) I tweeted that there were four major programs that really needed a return to their glory days. USC, Texas, Nebraska and Michigan. The more I thought about it however, there were two more programs that deserved to be talked about in Tennssee and Miami.

So I decided to rank for the rest of the college football season these 6 programs and where they stand in the “return to glory rankings”:


6. Nebraska – LOSS To Northwestern

It seems like Nebraska has the right head coach in Scott Frost, however, it seems like Scott Frost had better athletes at UCF then he does at Nebraska. Being in the big 10 does not help either. 

5. Michigan- LOSS To Indiana

There has been nothing I have been more wrong about in my life than the Jim Harbaugh hiring (and I’ve been wrong a lot). I said Michigan would lose.

4. Tennessee – LOSS to Arkansas

That’s bad loss. The Volutneers seem to have the right coach but they can’t get over the hump and the SEC is the toughest conference in all of college football.

3. USC – Beat Arizona State

Only reason I have USC below Texas is because I THINK that Texas likes Tom Herman a lot more than USC likes Chase Helton. But it’s close. 

2.  Texas- BEAT West Virginia

Texas has been so close to back that it’s funny. They did lose to Oklahoma earlier this year and  then went on to beat Oklahoma State. They are close but they aren’t back quite yet.

1. Miami  BEAT NC State

The U seems to have the right head coach who understands the culture. Seems to have recruiting tightened up in South Florida, and seem to have their swag back. They are close to return to glory.

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