World Series Game 5 Recap

Game 5 Recap

The Dodgers are on the brink of snapping their cold streak in the World Series after a strong defensive showing in game 5. The Dodgers were tactical in their runs and actually outcoached the heck out of the Rays who took too many chances early that cost them late instead of being patient. We will see if Blake Snell can force a game 7 with a performance on par to game 2 or if LA can get that monkey off of their back finally.

  • Glasnow is so terrible and has done nothing but hurt the Rays so far. In the last 9 innings he has pitched in the World Series, he has: 10 earned run, 3 Homers allowed, and NINE (9) walked batters to just 15 Ks. He must be kept of the field in the rest of the series AT ALL COSTS.
  • Bellinger in center field is really all the difference between this game and game 4 that was choked away. In the 8th Behlinger made 2 HUGE catches that ended this game. Both could have brought in at least A run for the Rays or loaded the bases.

  • What a strong close by Blake Treinen who threw 2 strikeouts including the final pitch of game 5 to give the Dodgers a lot of swagger heading into game 6.

  • Betts was back to normal with a lead off double and getting a run early in the game.

Written by Rex Hime