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Today In Sports History October 24th: Seahawks vs Cardinals Tie

Today in sports history October 24th, 2016 the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals played one of the worst games in history of Sunda night football yet somehow it was wildly entertaining. Neither team scored a touchdown but the game went into overtime at 6-6. Both the Seahawks and Cardinals had game winning chip shot field goals missed and the game ended in a 6-6 tie.

This game was wildy entertaining. My brother and I were actually in Vancouver, BC that day. We went to a bar at the hotel and watched all the way into overtime. We went promptly upstairs for OT thinking we can change the mojo. Well, that was an iconic day in our families history not only did we watch the most sloppy Seattle Seahawks game in history. But the reason we were in Vancouver was because I was flying out from the BC airport to Lebanon with my mom. And that night we got a knock on the hotel door at 4 AM that our car was broken into and all our bags were stolen. Everything gone. I will never forget that night, for the game and for the bags. A sloppy game and a sloppy trip.

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