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Indiana Upsets Penn State.. But Was Penix Jr 2 Point Conversion Good?

The Indiana versus Penn State game was a surpringsly the best game of a jam packed college football Saturday. The BIg 10 returned on Friday and we had a full slate of college football Saturday minus the Pac-12. Indiana tied it late in the 4th quarter with Indiana’s QB Penix Jr rushing for a touchdown and rushing for a two point conversion to force overtime after Penn State narrowly missed a 57 yard game winning field goal.

Then the drama did not stop there. After Penn State struck first in OT, Indiana answered back and decided to go for two and the win. Then Indiana’s QB Penix Jr. did this..

Was he in? Man one of theĀ  toughest calls you can make. I frankly if we are talking actual science or whatever, he was not in. But the call was made on the field and there was no way to over turn it. And I’m glad they did not overturn because it was 100% guts and effort by Penix Jr. And it was this close:

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