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The NBA Is Looking At Starting The Season Around Christmas With 8 Seed Play-In Tourneys To Stay

The NBA bubble is over and now plans for next season are beginning to emerge. With the idea of fans being in the stadium by the beginning of season seemingly being near impossible to the NBA; the NBA looks like it will not wait until February or March to begin again. Instead, it will try to preserve as much normalcy as possible. According to Shams Charania the NBA would like to begin its season around Dec.22 and have a 72 game season. This would allow the NBA to end at a normal time, and allow the players to be ready for the Olympic games. Another great nugget, the NBA is likely to keep the 8 and 9 seed play in games for the final playoff spots.

All sounds pretty cool to me. I think the NBA realized that people do not watch sports much in August. And they also know not to compete against the giant that is the NFL. Instead the NBA will punt on this season by starting on Christmas and hopefully resume normal schedule for the following season after. It seems like we have to get used to the notion of no fans in attendance but this is the reality that we are facing at this current state of the world.


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