Mo Speights Comments On LeBron James Are Going Viral

Mo Speights had a pretty hot take on LeBron James on twitter on Wednesday. Basically calling out LeBron James after his 4th championship for not having a three-peat. And saying we are quick to give out “GREATNESS”.

Well the thing is. The reason Mo Speights who was on the Warriors does not have a three-peat is because of LeBron James. Speights added a couple more tweets:

Look, I have been a huge believer that LeBron is not the GOAT. It’s simple, He’s not. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. I do get what Speights is trying to stay that you have to earn more to be crowned the greatest of all time. But 100% he meant to disrespect LeBron. He even used a meme tagged @BronSux. One thing I do have to agree with however and I hate it on both side is the disrespecting one side of the GOAT argument. There’s no reason to take shots at LeBron or Mike. They both are great. We discussed this on the That Being Said Podcast.

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