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Someone Broke Into Cristiano Ronaldo’s Home Just To Steal A Jersey

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably not only the most popular soccer or football player on the planet. He is arguably the most recognizable and most popular athlete in the whole world. So when a robber broke into the Juventus stars home what did he steal? Well apparently, the thief stole nothing more than a signed Cristiano Ronaldo jersey.


[Source] – Police are said to be on the hunt for the suspected burgler. A signed Juventus shirt is said to have been among items taken.

A relative of the footballer’s raised the alarm on Wednesday.

Police have already visited the property and are said to have identified the thief. The crook has been described as someone who is already known to them, and was identified thanks to the property’s CCTV.

I mean, what a bad thief. Most thiefs would steal jewelery, valuables, or something else. But this thief went after a damn signed jersey. Memorbilia junky. In a way a game worn jersey is of value. But a watch might have been good. Maybe some valuable china. I don’t know but just a jersey? Seems like a waste of time.

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