Giants And Rams Fight After Game Sparked By Golden Tate And Jalen Ramsey

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the New York Giants 17-9 on Sunday. But after the game a fight broke out between the two teams and it centered around Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate who have a history. What exactly is that history? Well Ramsey had two kids with Tate’s sister before leaving her and ending the relationship last year.

Here is some video footage of the fight after the game ended:

Pretty interesting that these two guys started a brawl. Both are equally known as being pretty unreasonable and starting fights and being outspoken. For them to fight each other makes perfect sense. But I do have to side with Tate here. If I had a sister and someone left her in the fashion that wasn’t too my liking I would take a similar route as Tate did towards Ramsey. It’s also known that Ramsey cheated on Tate’s sister while she was pregnant with a stripper. So yeah, makes sense that Tate wanted to fight Ramsey. On the flip side many believe that Tate slept with Russell Wilson’s ex-wife while on the Seahawks (not confirmed). A little bit of drama during our NFL sunday.

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