Seahawks Russell Wilson & Cowboys Dak Prescott Are Very Similar

Russell Wilson v. Dak Prescott

I’m telling you, it’s wild, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Cowboys QB Dak Prescott have had some of the most similar careers I could think of. Now, Seattle’s Russell Wilson is a better QB and has a Super Bowl, but I do not think that Dak deserves the hate that he gets. We will find out more about the two during Sunday’s exciting matchup!

Some takeaways:

  • Their numbers are indeed similar, but it is clear the Dak has better passing volume than Wilson. He has more attempts, completions, and yards than Wilson. On the other hand, Wilson has better efficiency because he has four less attempts per game. This helps him with Y/A, ANY/A, and TD%. In terms of efficiency, Dak does beat Wilson ins Completion % and INT%.

  • In terms of rushing Wilson has a higher yards per carry, attempts, and yards. Wilson is more willing to use his legs to get yards than Dak. However, Dak has a lot more touchdowns, which tells me that we use him more in the redzone than Wilson is used with the Seahawks.

  • What’s also interesting is that in the playoffs, these patterns are still consistent. Even with the limited sample size, Dak still has better passing volume, Russell still has better rushing volume. Despite playing 5 fewer games, Dak still matches Wilson in rushing TDs.

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