Charles Barkely And Shaq Are Attacked On Social Media After Defending Police In Breonna Taylor Case

Charles Barkley has been outspoken throughuot his career as a commentator and that never comes without controversy. This time Charles Barkley and Shaq are going through some heat on Social Media. On Inside The NBA Charles Barkley defended the police in the Breonna Taylor case:

Barkley madethe case that Taylor’s death should not be  compared to the police killing of George Floyd because Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker first fired a shot at officers when they entered her apartment with a ‘no knock’ warrant.

‘I don’t think this one was like George Floyd or Ahmaud Arbery and things like that,’ Barkley said. 

‘I feel sad that this young lady lost her life. I think the no-knock warrant is something we need to get rid of across the board. But we do have to take into account that her boyfriend shot at the cops and shot a cop.’  

Shaquille O’Neal later agreed and said the cops were just doing their job. Saying:

“You have to get a warrant signed and some states do allow no-knock warrants. Everyone was asking for murder charges,’ he said.  ‘When you talk about murder, you have to show intent. A homicide occurred and we’re sorry a homicide occurred. When you have a warrant signed by the judge, you are doing your job, and I would imagine that you would fire back.”

Charles later went on to criticize the defund the police and said who are people supposed to call “Ghost Busters”?.

Keep in midn that Shaq is a deputy in the axuillary department of Floriday’s Broward County Sherrif’s office and he has been sworn in as reserve police in departments in the states of Califorina, Florida, and Arizona. He is also a deputy marshal in Lafayette, Lousiana. As usual however, Twitter went crazy and lost it’s mind for anyone who has a different opinion then being “woke”:

Written by Rex Hime