Brewers Release Video Of Guy Who Walked Into Miller Field And Goes On The Tractor To Do Field Work

The Milwaukee Brewers have release survillance footage of the man who “broke” (acutally just walked in) to Miller Park. Got on the tractor and vandalized the baseball field. What is glaring in this footage was how easy it was for him to just walk in and do whatever he wanted to do:

I love the reasoning on why he did this. He wanted to write his name in cursive. Which we need to talk about. How many more generations are even going to know cursive? And now that you actually think about it, how many hours did we spend doing cursive in school? And what was the point. Between classes, homework and practice we all spent at least 100 hours learning cursive in our life.. and for what? Well, at least he wanted to put those lessons to work.

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