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Week 4 College Football Picks

Miami Turnover Chain
Photo via Miami Athletics

Week 3 was a bit messy for most of our pickers. After an 18-2 week B-Frank now holds the lead over Cooney, but the middle is bunched up very tightly. This week was scheduled to have 18 ranked games until the Notre Dame-Wake Forest game was postponed, so we’re down to 17. But we are back to the way things normally work and picking only the ranked matchups.

B-Frank 41-8
Cooney 38-11
B-Fox 37-12
Sergio 37-12
Sami 37-12
BovHahn 36-13
Anton 34-15
George 32-17
Hayes 32-17
Meghan 31-18

Week 4 College Football Picks 2020

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