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Someone Actually Thinks Magic Johnson Stole His Identity

Magic Johnson had to get a restraining order for himself and his employees after a bizarre incident where a man kept harassing then threatned Magic Johnson and his employees after some weird claims that Magic Johnson stole his identity.

[TMZ] – According to Magic’s legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Frazier started sending correspondence to Magic’s personal and business addresses, demanding money and making wild claims that Magic stole documents from Frazier and, ultimately, stole Frazier’s identity.

Magic’s staff tried to ignore the demands, but Frazier’s contacts became increasingly frequent — until they were getting bizarre voicemails almost every week. On some of those calls, Frazier claimed he was with the FBI and that if Magic didn’t do what he wanted, he would physically harm Magic and his staff. Magic characterizes the behavior as a form of “stalking,” saying he feared for his and others’ safety.

Weird stuff man. Acutally a bit scary. These guys who come out of nowhere and start harassing celebrties are a different breed of crazy. Sometimes I wonder, do they actually believe themselves? Or are they just after money. Anyways, what’s important here is that Magic and his team are safe.

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