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Andy Reid Has A New Defogging Technology Added To His Face Shield

Andy Reid’s facemask was the talk of the NFL world on Thursday Night Football. But many around the country watching the Chiefs opening game were wondering how the fogging of the mask would affect the Chiefs Head Coach:

Well have no fear. Andy Reid’s new face mask has a new match for the fog. An “NHL Style defogging technology”. Nothing can stop Andy Reid’s facemask now:

ESPN — Chiefs coach Andy Reid on Sunday will wear the same face shield he wore for Kansas City’s regular-season opener.

But Chiefs equipment manager Allen Wright has secured and deployed a product that hockey players use to defog their masks, Reid said over the weekend.

Reid is expecting better visibility results in Sunday’s game against the Chargers than he got in the Sept. 10 opener against the Texans, when his shield fogged up throughout the game and became a memorable image from Week 1.

Got to love the dedication to safety from Andy Reid. Not only is he dedicated enough to protect himself from COVID but he wears a face shield on the sideline. But he also wants to coach well, so what does he do? He gets de-fogging technology to make sure that he can still coach up to par. This is the type of dedication ou want to see from a coach if you are trying to repeat as a Super Bowl champion.

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