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Week 3 College Football Picks

Jonathan Adams Arkansas State
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Week 2 is in the books and there was a bit of a shake-up in the standings. Cooney and BovHahn still remain 1st and 2nd both picking 17 of 20 games correctly last week. We did see some big upsets with Iowa State, Kansas State, and Kansas all losing at home. A look at some of the trends from last week, Sami was the only one to pick Louisiana in their upset of Iowa State. No one took Georgia Tech over Florida State, BovHahn and Sami both had Arkansas State over K-State, while Cooney, Meghan, and BovHahn all had Coastal Carolina over Les Miles and the Jayhawks.

Week 3 is here, we have just one ranked matchup between Miami and Louisville and a total of 10 games featuring ranked teams.

Cooney 25-4
BovHahn 24-5
Anton 23-6
B-Fox 23-6
B-Frank 23-6
Sami 22-7
George 21-8
Sergio 21-8
Hayes 20-9
Meghan 19-10

Week 3 College Football PIcks

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