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The Heat Take A 2-0 Series Lead And The Celtics Locker Room Is Imploding

The Miami Heat came back from down 17 points to take the lead and then win the game against the Boston Celtics. Now Miami is up 2-0 on the series. That’s pretty big news if you ask me.

But in just as big of news after the game it appears that the Boston Celtics lockerroom might be imploding which you know, wouldn’t be quite ideal to hear if you are a Celtics fan.

On one hand it’s not the worst thing because you here about Marcus Smart’s passion on the other hand, screaming, yelling, and throwing stuff? That seems bad. And Marcus Smart is in the bathroom? How is this relevant? I am not sure. But it sure seems like the Miami Heat are in the Boston Celtics head and this series might be over as quick as it started.

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