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Topless Protests Erupt In Paris After Women Denied Entrance To A Mueseum Because Of Her Cleavage

A few weeks ago an art museum in Paris recieved a ton of backlash when a young French women who loved art was asked to cover up her cleavage if she wante to remain in the gallery. Which we have to admit is somewhat ironic because half of the Osray Musuem is covered with art of half named women.

Many women were outraged and a topless protest happened and the NSFW video is here: 


Source – Topless feminists joined a protest at a museum after a woman was barred because she was showing “too much” cleavage. 

Jeanne, a 22-year-old student, claimed male staff “stared” at her breasts and asked her to cover-up her low-cut dress before entering, sparking a feminist backlash against the Orsay museum in Paris, France. 

In the clip, shared by FEMEN France on Twitter, semi-naked women with slogans on their breasts hold up placards and shout that their boobs “are not obscene”.

Wearing face masks and standing a little apart, the women punch their fists into the air in unison as they chant.

Around 20 FEMEN activists took place in the topless demonstration.


So much art has naked humans. She wasn’t even naked so for these girls to protest the way they did is 100% a great way to do it. And in Europe? I would expect this type of act in the USA where we are way more uptight about clevage and nudity but in Paris? The city of love? This made no sense to me. So way to go! Protest in my opinion was right.


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