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Podcast: Post Week 1 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

George Jarjour is back live on Periscope talking about the biggest topics in the sports world today. George is joined by his co-host from the That Being Said Podcast Sami Jarjour and is power ranking all 32 NFL Quarterbacks,

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The Gary Indiana’s: 


Gary Indiana is known as one of the least desirable places to live in the United States. High Crime rate and poverty is the reason for this. You don’t want to have a Gary Indiana quarterback.


The Anchorage, Alaska 


Alaska is damn cold. Who wants to live in the Cold? Also despite it being in Alaska Anchorage is expensive. You want to upgrade from these Quarterbacks.


The Omaha, Nebraska’s


Omaha is an underrated place to live. It’s nice, affordable and has some great restaurants. You are happy here. You can raise a family here and live happily for a very long time.


Miami, Florida with a pool


Fun, good weather, and you got a pool. You are very happy here. You could spend the rest of your life here. Not a problem. And when you have one of these quarterbacks you can win A Super Bowl if things fall right.


New York City Penthouse


You are in the mecca of Real Estate. It doesn’t get more prestigious than this. This is the best real estate and these are the best Quarterbacks. You have one of these you are a lucky and rich franchise.


Gary Indiana Quarterbacks


32. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Miami Dolphins

31.  Tytod Taylor – Los Angeles Chargers

30. Mitch Trubisky 

29. Gardner Minshew

28, Dwayne Haskins

The Anchorage, Alaska 

27. Teddy Bridgewater

26. Baker Mayfield

25. Derek Carr

24. Phil Rivers

23. Daniel Jones

22. Josh Allen

21. Ryan Tannehill

20. Jimmy Garapollo

The Omaha, Nebraska’s

19. Drew Lock

18. Joe Burrow

17. Cam Newton

16. Sam Darnold

15. Kirk Cousins

14. Ben Roethilsberger

13. Jared Goff

12. Dak Prescott

Miami, Florida with a pool

11. Kyler Murray

10. Matt Stafford

9. Matt Ryan

8. Carson Wentz

7. Drew Brees

6. Tom Brady

New York City Penthouse

5. Aaron Rodgers

4. Deshaun Watson

3. Russell Wilson

2. Lamar Jackson

  1. Pat Mahomes

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