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Kanye West Build A Wall Around His Home Calls Himself Moses

Kanye West appears to be going nuts again. This time building a wall around his home and saying he’s the “new moses”.


The Sun US – Kanye West built a white wall around the Los Angeles home he shares with wife Kim Kardashian and their four children.

The 43-year-old rapper made the decision to erect the walls around the ranch house where he has also based his church, Sunday Service.

The walls surround two different buildings, with entrance to one building via a circular tunnel.

The Sun understands it is also the same site where Kanye planned to build Star Wars-inspired dome buildings as affordable housing, before he was ordered to take them down by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works for building without permits.

Kanye west is completely off his rocker. It’s unfortaunte but this is getting pretty serious. He’s mentally ill there is nothing more to say. The guy is crazy and these almost seem like a cry for help. He needs help and he’s the latest to crumble to the Kardashian curse. This family man.. it’s doomed for everyone who comes there way. Somebody please help Kanye West soon.

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