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The Hottest PPE Is Made By Louis Vuitton And It’s “Only” $1k

You know this was bound to happen. We all laughed and joked at the beginning of the pandemic that luxury companies were going to take advantage of this situation and make luxury PPE. And so here are. Louis Vuitton has made an incredible facemask for only “$1000”

Source: Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton is launching a $961 — it’s listed for 750 British pounds — plastic face shield for those who prefer to strut to the grocery store in designer wares. The pricey piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), meant to block aerosolized droplets from sick passersby, will be on sale starting Oct. 30, at select locations, as part of the French brand’s 2021 Cruise Collection.

I’d probably have to go out on a limb here and say if you buy this you are an asshole. What’s the point of this?  Anyway’s more power to Louis Vuitton you sure know if we could sell a $1,000 dollar mask on our site we would so. So congrats on finding another loophole in the world’s system Louis Vuitton.

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