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Today In Sports History Septmeber 13th: Frank Francisco Throws A Chair Into The Crowd

Today In Sports History September 13th, 2004. Frank Francisco threw a chair into the crowd. Which was one of the worst fans versus players incidents in baseball history.


Source: In a baseball game in Oakland, a group of hecklers, led by 41-year old chef Craig Bueno, gathered around the Texas Rangers’ bullpen and taunted them throughout the game. The heckling eventually struck a nerve with the Rangers pitchers. Bueno contended that the posse never used racial slurs or anything insulting; pitcher Doug Brocail disagreed, claiming the hecklers made fun of his wife and unborn child.

Whatever was said, Brocail and the others were upset enough to finally confront the hecklers in the top of the ninth. As “a sea of blue” Rangers followed Brocail to the edge of the wall, Bueno stepped in front of his wife, fearing that the Texas players had violent intentions. The game was briefly halted as security tried to keep between the fans and the players.

That was when Rangers reliever Frank Francisco took things a little too far. He picked up a foldout chair that the bat boy had been using and threw it into the crowd. The chair came flying at Bueno, whose intention to protect his wife got sidetracked in a moment of panic. He ducked, allowing his wife to receive the full force of the chair. Bueno’s wife suffered a broken nose and was helped out of the stadium; the game was delayed for 15 minutes as Francisco and others were ejected.

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