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Today In Sports History September 9th: Ichiro Becomes First 200 Hit Player In 10 Straight Years

Today in sports history September 9th 2010 Ichiro Suzuki of my Seattle Mariners becomes the 1st player in MLB history to record 200 hits in 10 straight seasons. Ichiro finished with 3,089 hits in MLB and 1,278 in Japan Ichiro’s career total hit total in his career was  4,367 hits. Pete Rose had 4,256 hits in his MLB career. So yeah, Ichiro is the TOTAL hit king. But the main question is would Ichiro be the all time hit king if he played his whole career in the Major League Baseball? It’s hard to tell what the drop off between the two leagues would be. In Japan there is 144 games compared to 162 in MLB which is 12% less. Pitching in MLB is probably 12% or more better. It’s so hard to compare the two. But, I believe if Ichiro did play his whole career here in the USA he would be the all-time hit king.


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