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Good News: After 1,000 HS Football Games There Is Not Report On Significant Community COVID Spread

For those looking for some good news regarding football and COVID-19 here you go. After 1,000 High School Football games there has been no report of community COVID-19 spread.


SOURCE-Throughout the Spring and Summer there was some concern that football games and the crowds that come to them could be a spreading point for Covid. So much of a concern in fact, that a number of states aren’t planning to play this Fall. However, many states sought a path to play football safely, and where it was safe allowed fans to attend.

The question was, would high school football games lead to spikes and spread of Covid.

1,000 plus games now in the books and the news is good. To our knowledge, there have been no reported cases of significant community spread following a high school football game.

The point of this story is not to say “oh it’s 100% safe to play football”. Or to say states that aren’t playing football this year are wrong. Every state has different systems, and different ways of making decisions. The point of this is that if there is good news regarding COVID-19 and football. We like to report it. We are a sports blog afterall.

Now it’s worth saying that Football Scoop is unverified. And they are not suggesting that there will be zero coronavirus cases. We already saw a Utah high school have to cancel games due to cases in their program. The point of this is that in general hopefully we can tackle COVID-19 and continue to do a good job at it so that football, sports and regular life can come back as quickly and smoothly as humanly possible.

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