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UPDATED: Jadeveon Clowney Watch Resumes As He Says He Hasn’t Made Decision Yet

After we published this article saying that Clowney was gone. More news has broken and looks like no Clowney decision has been made…yet:

Below was the original portion of the article


As the season approached us Seattle Seahawk fans started to get a hope that we might be able to shore up our defensive line and resign Jadeveon Clowney after he spent one season in Seattle. Well, the Jadeveon Clowney watch is over. And it appears the Seahawks were not his first or second place in the running but third.


The numbers of how much he’s signed for nor how long he’s signed for are out yet. But the Seahawks seemed that they did not want to bend and it appears they held their ground and didn’t over pay for the highly talented defensive end. I feel a bit disappointed because we spent money on places like tight end where we could have saved a few million to pursue Clowney for one more season and make a run to the Super Bowl. I know Clowney only had 3 sacks last year but with Griffin off the market we needed a pass rusher and sacks don’t tell the whole story. We hasve to turn our attention to 6 time pro bowler Clay Matthews who remains unsigned.

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