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The B-Fox and B-Frank Show S5 E4

The B-Fox and B-Frank Show

On this week’s show, the Brians talk about yet another disastrous news cycle for the Big Ten, who now might play football this fall, but start over Thanksgiving weekend. Staying in football, LSU star Wideout Ja’Marr Chase will not play for the Tigers this year and instead will train for the NFL Draft. It is a move we’ve seen a few players already make, mostly in the Big Ten, but one both Brians expect to see happen more this year. Also at LSU, (not so new) news about Will Wade offering impermissible benefits to student-athletes came (back) to light. It is now in the NCAA’s hands, so literally anything is possible. In College Hoops, Lute Olson and John Thompson passed away, the guys discuss their memories and what they meant to the sport. Lastly, the Heat Check Sim is back moving and the guys talk about their non-conference schedules for the upcoming season.

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