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Dear Sports

Dear Sports,

Thank you for Wednesday:

Thank you to the Milwaukee Bucks. On the heels of Giannis’ acceptance of winning DPOY, you halted your momentum on the court in order to fuel momentum of a larger movement that’s bigger than basketball. Thank you, Milwaukee Bucks, for not showing up to warmups and truly taking all the time needed to take a stand. Thank you, NBA, for not forfeiting the game, but recognizing that the Bucks were doing the right thing. Thank you, NBA, for postponing the three games that day and having a meeting about how to go forward. Thank you, NBA, for listening to players scream and shout for justice from the likes of Donovan Mitchell, LeBron James, and Jamal Murray. Thank you, WNBA, for cancelling your three games and making a statement all season. Thank you, WNBA, for taking the court and spelling out Jacob Blake’s name while kneeling in solidarity with all the injustice in our world. Thank you, Minnesota Lynx, for your straightforward shirts representing the violence African Americans are susceptible to on a day-to-day basis. Thank you to the other teams who joined the Lynx. Thank you, to the Milwaukee Brewers for postponing the game and giving the missed game a chance to be a platform for the scary times facing your state and to demand justice.  Thank you, Seattle Mariners for cancelling your game against the Padres. Thank you, Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants for cancelling your game in the name of social justice. Thank you, Mookie Betts who sat out and used your platform, and influence to sway your teammates into joining your protest. Thank you, Matt Kemp, for opting out of the game Wednesday night and using your platform. Thank you, Dom Smith for using your platform to kneel, and for a beautiful postgame press conference on racial justice following the game. Thank you, Dexter Fowler and Jack Flaherty for opting out of the KC game. Thank you, Chicago Cubs, for pardoning Jason Heyward before your game against the Tigers. Thank you, MLS, for postponing the games in response of racial injustice. Thank you, Atlanta United and Portland Timbers for your statements in regard to supporting the Black community and fighting racial injustice. Thank you, Kenny Smith, for walking offset of “Inside the NBA” in solidarity of the NBA protests Wednesday. Thank you, Matt Dumba, for calling out the NHL and spearheading the Hockey Diversity Alliance’s request to postpone games. Thank you, NBA teams for blindsiding your own players the way that many are blindsided by racial injustices and police brutality in the United States.

Thank you for Thursday:

Thank you to the MLB for postponing Athletics-Rangers, Phillies-Nationals, Twins-Tigers, Red Sox-Blue Jays, Rockies-Diamondbacks, Orioles-Rays, and the Mets-Marlins games. Thank you to the Red Sox and Blue Jays for using your platform for social justice. Thank you to the NFL’s Colts, Jets, Titans, Cardinals, Bears, Packers, and Washington football team for not practicing in solidarity of racial injustice in America. Thank you, NBA, for postponing Thursday’s games until more discussions on efficient platform usage could be had. Thank you to the Hockey Diversity Alliance for formally requesting all Thursday playoff games. Thank you to the NHL, and the NHLPA for postponing Thursday’s and Friday’s games in solidarity with the Black community and to promote a more inclusive environment in the league. Thank you, WNBA, for postponing your games Thursday and continuing to set an incredibly high bar in your social justice activism. Thank you, WNBA for constantly reminding us to “Say Her Name.” Thank you, WNBA, for not letting us forget Breonna Taylor. Thank you, New York Giants, for having a serious discussion on sitting out a game. Thank you, Colorado Rockies, for taking a stand and cancelling the game against the DBacks today. Thank you to the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins for taking the field Thursday, and then leaving. Thank you, to the Mets and Marlins for playing for 42 seconds in honor of one of the biggest social justice warriors in sport: Jackie Robinson. Thank you, Lewis Brinson, for leaving a “Black Lives Matter” shirt at home plate.

Thank you, sports. Thank you for reminding us that there is so much more to this world than playing games. Thank you for the constant reminders and advocacy for equal rights in the year 2020. Thank you to the heroes who created a blueprint for protests and acts to be heard by all. Thank you to Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, and Bill Russell. Thank you to Kaepernick for sacrificing your career for this movement. Thank you for using your voice Megan Rapinoe. Thank you. Thank you for not letting anyone forget her name. Thank you for reminding us, it’s Breonna Taylor. Thank you for combatting racial injustice that is a disease in our society today. Thank you for fighting back against voter suppression. Thank you for fighting gender stereotypes. Thank you for fighting racial stereotypes. Thank you for educating yourselves and others. Thank you to any social justice advocate I may have missed. Thank you to a culture that has surprised, and overwhelmed me for your activism in the fight against racial justice that has left me knowing I missed some names to thank. Thank you for fighting.

Thank you for being a constant reminder. Thank you for reminding us that BLACK LIVES MATTER.



A Social Justice Warriors/Sports fan,

An Ally,

Kodey Stauffer from SONT

Written by Kodey Stauffer

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