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Here’s Who Our Algorithm Says The Bulls Will Pick at Number 4

The Bulls jumped to number 4 in the draft on Thursday night, finally landing a pick that was not the 7 slot for the first time in four years. Of course, the Bulls fortunes come in a year where experts are saying the talent pool is fairly dry, but it’s exciting nonetheless! With this high pick, comes some wild speculation, so we thought we would put our highly advanced SONT algorithm to the test, to see what it predicted the Bulls would do.

Our algorithm brings in reporting from every data source available on, and aggregates it together, using a highly advanced weighting system that requires at least a 3rd grade level understanding of algebra and order of operations (aka Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally). We brought in reports from Comcast Sportsnet, NBC Sports, ESPN, The Athletic, Bleacher Report and even Joe Cowley, to calculate the Bulls most likely selection. We created credibility tiers that served to weight all predictions, making sure that the most credible outlets received the highest consideration (please note, the negative variable included below was to normalize for Chris Broussard’s reporting).


Without further ado, here is the nuts & bolts behind out revolutionary algorithm:

*Each outlet represents a value of 1.*

Deni Avdija

( + NBC Sports + The Athletic) x 2 = 6

(Bleacher Report) x 0.5 = 0.5

Total = 6.5

Obi Toppin

(ESPN) x 2 = 2

(CBS Sports) x 1.5 = 1.5

(Sporting News) x 1 = 1

Total = 4.5

Lamelo Ball

(Sports Illustrated) x 2 = 2

Total = 2


There you have it, folks, our very own proprietary (please do not take this IP) algorithm is predicting Deni Avdija to the Bulls. Can’t get any more scientific than that.

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