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The B-Fox and B-Frank Show S5 E1 with Heat Check Sim Joe Lunardi

The B-Fox and B-Frank Show

The Fifth Season of The B-Fox and B-Frank Show is here. Normally that means College Football conference previews. Instead, the guys discussed the current state of College Football with the Big Ten deciding to cancel its season. I won’t lie, there was not much positivity between the Brians, which perfectly mirrors the current outlook and situation we are all in. Following the depressing College Football talk, the guys move into a more upbeat topic, Nojel Eastern has transferred to Howard, giving the Bison a potent 1-2 duo with Makur Maker coming in. It continues the momentum for the HBCU movement and, if successful, could really launch these programs to new heights.

The Season 5 premiere also features an interview with the Heat Check Sim Joe Lunardi (starts at 31:30). Joe breaks down how he picks his bracket, teams that have over and underachieved and why that might be, his qualms with the rankings, thoughts on recruiting, and much more! It was a fun talk with Joe and a huge shoutout to him for adding yet another cool dimension to the HCSim world.

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