Neymar Puts All His Married Teammates On A Different Floor During His Birthday Parties

If you probably knew already, Neymar likes to have a good time. And there is nothing more of a boss move than the beans Thomas Meunier spilled about Neymar’s party habits and the way he treated his married and single teammates.

[Source] –¬†Instead of keeping everyone together in the same area, the star Brazilian forward split them into two groups across different floors.

The players who were married partied on the top floor, while those were single set up on the bottom floor so that they could ‘have a good time’.

Asked what happened at the party, former Manchester United midfielder Herrera simply replied: ‘What didn’t happen?!’

Herrera said: ‘The truth is that when he does something, he does it to have a good time. And he organised it to have a good time. And the truth is that I congratulated him.’

Now this is a great move. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness by Neymar. You got to handle it this way especially if WAGS are showing up. You got to keep the married men and their wives happy so you put them on a different floor. And for the single dudes you can do whatever you want. It’s just a genius move and shows that Neymar is not only a world class player but a world class teammate and friend.


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