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Kyle Kuzma!!!

The Lakers were reeling in the bubble. Yeah they have the number one seed all lined up but man things felt flat. And with it all tied at 121 on Monday night against the Nuggets the Lakers were in not a must win situation but in a situation where a win would help with momentum and coached Frank Vogel drew up a play for Kyle Kuzma to do this:


Kuzma ended the game with: 25 points 6 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals 11/16 FG 3/5 3PT easily his best night since the restart. After the game he had some great quotes and his teammates showered him with praise:

I went to twitter right away after the game thinking it was a great play by Frank Vogel to give confidence to Kuzma who played his best game since the restart and is going to be key in the NBA playoffs:

And of course resident Los Angeles Lakers fan ( my little brother and co-founder) Sami reacted instantly:


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