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Ramon Laureano Took On The ASSTROS By Himself

The only fun and good part of this year has been that the country has united on one thing and one thing only. And that’s the Houston Astros are cheaters, and we hate them all. We’ve had one Houston Astro’s brawl so far this season and today we got Houston Astros brawl 2.0. Today it started with The Oakland Athletics Ramon Laureano who decided to take on the Astros him damn self.

Ramon Laureano got hit by the Astros not once, btu twice this afternoon and was basically said fuck social distancing and fuck protocols I am going after the Astros. You hit me and start chirping from the bench? I am coming for your head. He went full fists and went on the Astros himself, for that I have to say, thank you for being an American hero.


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