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20% Of Baseball Sidelined Today After Members Of The St. Louis Cardinals Test Positive For Coronavirus

Major League Baseball has been having trouble keeping their restart going smoothly after a huge outbreak of Coronavirus hit the Miami Marlins organization which resulted in multiple game cancellations around Major League Baseball.

And now a new out break with the St. Louis Cardinals has resulted in more cancellations. The St. Louis Cardinals were set to play in Milwaukee today for the Brewers home opener but that too has now been cancelled after a outbreak of COVID-19 in the St. Louis Cardinals organzation.

No word yet if the previous games played by the Cardinals (they played The Minnesota Twins two nights ago) means the Twins will have to cancel their game tonight but it might be an option which would result in more ramifications. Do you see how quickly COVID-19 can derail a season?

So that means Cardinals-Brewers has been postponed joining the Phillies-Jays and Marlins-Nationals cancellations. Thats 20% of scheduled baseball games today! And if the Twins vs Indians get postponed as well? Yikes. It’s hard to imagine this being any indication that Major League Baseball will be able to get things on track and finish this season that has just barely started. It seems like if sports leagues want to play, they have to look to the NBA and NHL who have had early success with bubble systems. Now, will that success continue? Only time will tell but so far the NBA and NHL success early on is encouraging.

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