Twitter Goes Crazy After Charles Barkley Says: “If People Don’t Kneel They’re Not A Bad Person” After NBA Players Take Knee During Anthem

Charles Barkley NBA Knees

This sparked conversation on the NBA on TNT which resulted in Charles Barkley saying something I believe to be wise and shows the way you should think about issues:

Of course as usual Twitter lost it’s mind. And wanted to turn Charles Barkley into a villain for not agreeing with their point 100%.


While other people were in support of Charles Barkley:

At the end of the day I have to agree with Charles Barkley. But I think the biggest concern here is we are turning into a society that you can become a villain for having a different opinion than anyone on the far left. It’s unfair and I really do agree with these brave people who have guts to speak out today.

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