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The NFL Thinks There Are 3 Players And 2 QBs Better Than Pat Mahomes

The NFL Network has been releasing it’s top 100 players and today they released the top 10. And social media is not going to love these final rankings as the top 3 in order were:

1. Lamar Jackson

2. Russell Wilson

3. Aaron DonaldĀ 

Then finally the NFL found it a good time to include Patrick Mahomes. Oh you know the guy who won a Super Bowl MVP last season and the MVP the year before.

It’s so kind of the NFL to give Mahomes a participation trophy here as the 4th best player. It makes you wonder what he has to do to be 1st. Maybe win 4 straight Super Bowls? Look I love Russell Wilson… he’s the QB of my favorite team. I love Lamar Jackson he’s amazing but to put Mahomes anywhere other than 1 or 2 is borderline insanity. I imagine the NFL released the rankings like this:

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