NBA Announces ZERO Of The 344 Players Tested In The Bubble Have Tested Positive Since July 20th

The NBA is re-launching it’s season on Thursday. The anticipation is high, and almost every sports league around the world has their eyes on the NBA. The NBA is the only sport doing a one destination bubble in sports and essentially the players, coaches and staff are living in their own world unplugged and away from the rest as a way to combat and keep COVID-19 risks low. And so far it’s been positive news with

Unbelievable news. This isn’t some random number either. The NBA is testing each of its players on a daily basis to unsure there is no outbreak and if there is anyone infected they could isolate that player swiftly and quickly. Many argued that the bubble would either be the safest place in America or if there was an outbreak in the bubble it would spread like wildfire because of the interaction between players. It’s still very early to see if the bubble idea works but as of now it seems like it is working as close to perfection as possible. And this is something players and the league could get used to as NBAPA Director Michele Roberts believes a bubble could happen next year as well.

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