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Model Goes Blind Tattoing Her Eyes Shows Off Incredible Throwback Of Her Self With No Tattoos

A model from Australia went blind tattooing her eyeballs and has decided to share a picture where she looks almost unrecognizable throwback photo to when she was 18 years old and had no tattoos. Her name Amber Luke and she is now covered from head to toe and even her eyeballs in tattoos.

Model Amber Luke who is now covered in tattoos shared a throwback shot to before her inkings

She shared some photos of her former self on Instagram where she looked completely different at the age of 18 (she’s now 25). As you can see she had blonde hair and no tattoos. Amber calls herself “Blue Eyed White Dragon” is now covered completely from head to toe in tattoos.


Amber looked unrecognisable aged 18 without her colourful body art

I know who I wanted to become at a young age – I went for it!”

Amber explained how she risked extreme and dangerous body modifications to look unique.

She added: “I tattooed my eyeballs at 22-years-old for God’s sake hahaha.”

Amber was previously left blind for a few months when she got a dangerous eyeball tattoo procedure to turn them blue

The eyeball tattoos left the model blind for a few weeks, but it hasn’t stopped her from modifying her body.  She has gotten 200 tattoos on her body, having her tongue split and her earlobes stretched. She has also had a boob job, cheek and lip fillers and pointed implants placed in her ears.

When she got the eyeball tattoo she said it was like shards of glass were rubbed in her eye

Pretty crazy if you ask me. I am all for “expressing yourself” but this seems pretty harmful to me. Putting a needle on your eyeballs to change it’s color is probably not the best idea known to man kind. Also getting 200 tattoos? Seems a bit like an addiction more than self expression. I would have to say I am just glad that she’s alright now. It seems like she can see again which is great news obviously. She’s on Instagram as well here are some more pictures of what “blue eyes white dragon” looks like.

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