NBA Players Are Sharing Some Incredibly Dumb Things From The Bubble

The NBA has now been inside the bubble for a few weeks now, and it seems as though they have too much time on their hands. Dame Lillard & Terence have been sharing debunked COVID conspiracy theories, and Chris Boucher was even convinced by a post by that McDonald’s is serving human meat.

Dame’s tweet linking to fake doctors revealing the “reality” of COVID. The tweet has since been deleted by Lillard.

Link to the video, which has been fact-checked by Instagram

Terence Davis linking to the same post on his Instagram story



Chris Boucher posting an article from WORLDTRUTH.TV about McDonald’s using human meat

View post on

Alright, for one, human meat is much too expensive for McDonald’s to be just tossing in their burger meat, and pay some respect to the original McD’s pink slime conspiracy theory. And even if WORLDTRUTH.TV has really found the TRUTH about the Ronald McDonald’s dirty little secret, we all watched Supersize Me as kids and didn’t bat a fucking eye. I happily bought 40 McNuggets mere days after I saw that documentary (RIP to the $5 for 20 nuggets deal). This is a terrible conspiracy, along with flat earthers and moon landing truthers.

On the other hand, these debunked COVID videos need to be taken much more seriously. We cannot have superstars like Dame sharing conspiracies that will ultimately hurt people if they take them seriously and don’t follow basic public health rules. Karl Anthony-Town’s mother has already passed from coronavirus, imagine how he feels seeing other players sharing this nonsense about something that took his mom. Not only that, but the bubble only works if everyone is responsible and takes this shit seriously. It can all fall apart from one player, and we’ve already seen Lou Williams leave the bubble to visit Magic City, his favorite wing spot. Thankfully, Lillard took down the video a few minutes after tweeting it, but who knows if he took it down because he realized it was dumb, or if he was just afraid of the backlash.



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