Former Formula One Driver Adrian Sutil Destroys $1.2 Million McLaren

Not all of us will be fortunate drive a $1.2 million McLaren. But I’ll tell you this. If I was able to drive one I’d be more careful than former Formula one driver Adrian Sutil who destroyed his $1.2 million dollar orange McLaren Senna LM just outside of Monaco.

Instagram images showed the McLaren Senna LM smashed in the French Riveira

The car itself is very rare with only 24 of them made in the world. You’d think a Formula 1 racer would be able to handle this car around the streets of Monaco but I guess that wasn’t the case.


Sutil, 37, raced for seven years in F1 with Spyker, Force India and Sauber. In an ironic twist, one of his best-ever finishes came around Monaco with a fifth-placed finish in the 2013 Grand Prix.


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