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Female Doctors Are Posting Bikini Pics In Response To A Medical Journal Calling It “Unprofessional”

A medical journal had to issue an apology after posting an article criticizing female doctors that posted in bikinis or posted drinking alcohol:

Source: The study, published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, touched on the impact of “publicly available social media content” and how it could affect future patients’ physician choices. In order to conduct the study, the researchers, who were mostly men, created “neutral” — i.e., undercover —  accounts to investigate content posted online. They deemed photos that display alcohol, that contain “inappropriate attire” such as bathing suits or costumes, and posts with censored profanity or controversial opinions as “potentially unprofessional content.

I mean what kind of medical journal posted this? It’s absurd. It’s not unprofessional nor should they be criticized for it. Femal physicians and nurses were rightfully upset about this study and journal so they have protested in the most appropriate way possible. By going to social media and posting bikini pictures with hashtag #MedBikini.


I love this. I hate how some sort of medical journal would come and say this about female doctors and the response was just absolutely perfect and epic. So two thumbs up for this and glad this medical journal is getting some backlash.

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