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Airport Launches Campaign To Reunite A Stuffed Puppy With His 6-Year Old Owner

Sometimes here at Sports On Tap we take a quick step away from sports when we find a story that makes us just feel good. And lately the world hasn’t felt that damn good to be frank. But came across this on story on Twitter and it’s the best damn thing I’ve seen all week. It all started when the CVG airport put out this tweet (Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Airport):

In general if there is a place where you are likely to lose some personal belongs it’s the airport. It has to be in the top three or four places where you could leave something behind. You’re running late, you’re rushing, going through security, moving around a ton, just a recipe for losing things. But what makes this story so great is the extra effort the airport’s social media department went to get this stuffed animal home.

Seriously the cool thing here is they took the time going spot to spot taking pictures and even giving him a mask. Why? Well for one, to get him back to the kid. But also, I could imagine the airport isn’t that busy during COVID times. But nonetheless an A+ for effort. But not only was there effort. They got the result they wanted.

Doug and Phyllis Ronco, of Madeira Beach, Florida, said they were driving to the St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport to retrieve their son’s stuffed animal Friday.

“I think our son was half a sleep when he left Masch-Masch (the dog’s nickname) at the terminal,” Ronco said. “Under normal circumstances, he would never forget him… it’s very special to him.”

Just amazing. Look it’s been a rough year and a rough day for sports news today so when I saw this story I immediately wanted to blog about it and I got to admit it made me feel good for once today.



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