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WNBA Players Walk Off Court During National Anthem

Today is the opening day of the WNBA and as part the WNBA players way of showing their support for BLM and social justice the Seattle Storm and New York Liberty decided to walk off the court instead of standing or kneeling for the National Anthem

Alright I have been saying this since the time Colin Kaepernick took a knee and I am going to continue to say this. Why do we play the National Anthem or any sort of anthem before sporting events? There is no way to appease anyone anymore. And at a time where there are no fans? It’s even less likely that the National Anthem needs to be played. I ran a Twitter pool a few weeks back and over 80% of 1000 votes agreed with me. The National Anthem before sporting events is not needed. Now with the WNBA players leaving the court what does this achieve? Frankly, nothing. But that’s beside the point. I am not sure what kind of changes would need to be done to appease people and stop protesting the National Anthem so just get rid of it at sporting events is the best case scenario in my opinion.

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