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Cubs Win 3-0 Against The Brewers In The Home Opener!

Cubs opening day
CBS Sports

Baseball is finally back! Social media was buzzing as fans took to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and you name it to share all their excitement. Cubs fans had a lot to cheer about as the opener went as well as you could have imagined. Grandpa Rossy’s first season as skipper has had some Cubs fans feeling a bit unsettled, but yesterday’s performance has put those thoughts to rest for the time being.

Ross went with some unorthodox approaches to start the year beginning with slotting Kris Bryant at the leadoff spot. Bryant did go 0-4, but was able to do what a leadoff man should be able to do and that’s working counts. Kris saw 6+ pitches in his first two at bats and as he gets more comfortable over time, the hits will come too. Another surprise was seeing rookie Nico Hoerner get the opening day start at second. Second base is wide open for the Cubbies and a 1-3 day will only help Hoerner’s case.

Ian Happ was the first Cub of the year to homer and put the Cubs in front the rest of the way to take home the W. Before the season started, Ross called Happ the “wildcard” as he came off a very good and underrated year last year. Happ will look to build on it on Saturday against Burnes. Anthony Rizzo also got in on the action taking Feyereisen deep to right in the 8th to cap off the 3-0 victory. Not only did Rizzo hit a dinger, but he also played his part in the fight against Covid-19 at first base.

Kyle Hendricks was… Kyle Hendricks on Friday once again. I’m very confident to say that there have been two pitchers in MLB history to take the bump, top out at 88-89 MPH and still have the utmost confidence of every fan in the stadium. Those two pitchers have been said to be clones of one another, Kyle Hendricks and Greg Maddux. Doesn’t matter if Kyle Hendricks is hitting 89 MPH or 86 MPH, the movement and placement of his pitches is the type of stuff that will keep batters up at night.

Overall, the only way the pitching could have been better is if Hendricks recorded a no-hitter or perfect game. The hitting on the other hand could improve as the Cubs did put up just 3 runs on the board. Brandon Woodruff is a good pitcher that had a good year last year so we will see if the Cubs can improve the offense against a lesser pitcher in Burnes on Saturday.





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