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Astros Hunting Season Has Begun

It’s only exhibition season and the Seattle Mariners open up with the Astros on Friday but that didn’t stop the Kansas City Royals from throwing at the scum bag cheating Astros. Royals pitcher Jorge Lopez threw at both Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman in back to back at bats.


This is great for multiple reasons. For one, the umpire seemed to give the green light and didn’t even issue a warning (it seems like). I think this is going to be evident most of the season as I don’t think there will be much punishment for throwing at the Astros this year. I believe the biggest travesty this year is we won’t have fans available to boo the scum all year long. But that’s alright it seems like we can make up for it by umpires letting Astro hunting season occur all year long. Can’t wait to begin counting how many Seattle Mariners throw at the Astros starting on Friday.

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